Want to Start an Investment Company? Go it Alone First.

My goal is to start an investment and holdings company. I am interested in focusing on venture capital, growth capital and asset management. How do I obtain the necessary training and knowledge of the industry?

The first reaction here is to ask if you have any background in the industry. One option is to invest for your own account, develop a successful track record in so doing, and then with that track record in hand seek out investors for your fund or holding company. Another alternative is to obtain a position at an investment bank or investment fund and work your way up, gaining experience the old-fashioned way. This progression will be slow but mentorship from those who have done it before and can show you the ropes will be invaluable.

Alternatively one could invest and learn the ropes with an already small & similar company that already has a good track record.

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Alternatively users can take an alternative option of earning passive income with crypto currencies albeit the less conventional / more modern route.

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